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How to Fix Your Late Projects
2015-03-17 12:22:33
Unimaple Technology Ltd.

If you want to keep your project on track, then read these 5 tips about...

How to Fix Your Late Projects

Bringing your project back on schedule is simple if you know what to do. These steps will help you turn around a late project quickly.

Calculate the Variance
First, calculate how late your project actually is. Do this by comparing how much you had expected to have achieved by now (your planned progress) with how much you've been able to achieve (your actual progress). This will give you a figure in days that you can also represent as a percentage. The bigger the percent, the more behind your plan you are.

Assess the Cause
Now you want to find out what is driving that slippage. Drill down into your project plan and look for the tasks that have taken longer than expected.

Here's a shortcut: Look for the shortest route through the project from start to finish using your dependencies. These are the tasks that cannot be delayed without changing the end date of the project (also known as the critical path). If any of these have taken longer than planned then your project will have slipped.

Create an Action Plan
Consider all the options available that will help you bring the tasks back on track. This could include:

  • Adding more resources to certain tasks
  • Changing the priorities of the work
  • Completing some tasks in parallel instead of sequentially
  • Accepting the delay and changing the end date of the project.

Or any other strategy that helps you get the work done. Choose the best option, or combination of options, and update your project schedule with your revised plan.

Talk to Your Stakeholders
Make sure you brief your project sponsor and stakeholders about how the project schedule has changed and why, providing an appropriate level of detail given the audience. Everyone on the project team should also be made aware of the changes to the plan and what this means for their own tasks.

Track Progress on the New Plan
Finally, put a tracking mechanism in place to make sure that you can quickly monitor progress against your new project plan dates and the work that your team is doing.

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