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Resource Assingment
2015-12-09 19:26:22
i have an activity which is 15 days long and i would like to assign a labor resource design engineer ( three numbers), how will i enter this detail in primavera
(2015-12-14 06:21:46)  Thanks Wang, actually my question was kind of incomplete, I actually wanted to know what will be my budgeted unit, but i have the answer now... so thanks anyway
(2015-12-11 07:17:26) Justin.Wang  Hi Without details, I can only help in general rule:
Click the activity in Primavera, under activity detail view, click resource, add resource then you can assign the resource to that activity.
Of course, prior to this, you need define this resource under Enterprice manual.
If this does not help, I would suggest you provide more details, maybe some snapshot

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